SB gadgets
With the advent of digital frames, inexpensive mp3 players and other devises with small monitors it became clear to me that I could build constrictions that included stills and videos in new formats. The following is the work to date; new, experimental, proto-typical.
Hearth 2012
form :: ipod, music box, press type, LED light
content :: While watching one of my favorite shows, I heard this, "The hearth is the heart of the house. Curse the hearth and you curse the house." I liked it so much I made a peice dedicated to it. I do like the idea of the vignette, a pint sized room installtion. It is pure reaction.

Living Doll 2011
form :: ipod, doll parts, mixed media
content :: In the vain of true mixed media all the materials used are found objects, including the video which I re-purposed from public domain media. The doll parts had me thinking of the idealization of the female form and the rest followed suit with the inclusion of a 1960's Yardley make-up ad and and a digitized image of a woman putting on lipstick.

I've Got Issues 2010

form :: four video frames with video, sound, glass beads, wicker boxes
content :: This morbid piece was born from my love of crime dramas. It depicts stop motion videos of crime scenes accompanied by "evidence". The stop motion videos are a series of posed doll parts.

Shell aka Forest Through the Trees 2010
form :: dollhouse, digital frame, glass, trees
content :: This piece is about the what lies beneath the surface. The smooth clean lines of the dollhouse reveals a hidden complex interior. The access to this information is limited as it is in real life. Our inner selves are masked by our external "shell" which is sometimes, open to let people peek in.

Substrate 2009
form :: digital frames, screen, thread
content :: I worked out a serious demon on this piece. I also sewed type, which was part therapy and part serious challenge. I asked myself can I satisfy my designers eye if I am hand sewing type. Answer, yes and then some.

Media-Aided Landscape 2009

form :: three mp3 players with video, sound, usb hub, flower pots, moss
content :: This work carries a bit of humor. As I see it the world has become more and more filtered through technology. The mp3 players display video of a spring snowfall which has been altered through software. The organic twists of cables mimics vines and buds. The message becomes clear with the mix of "real" objects, virtual display and "organic" technology.

Play 2009

form :: three photo key chains, assorted hardware, magnets
content :: This work of art is interactive. You can change the positions of objects and add and subtract shapes. It is based on work of the Constructivist. My friend, Susan Bickford once asked, "what would be the next logical step in any given art movement?" For me this is it.

Bag of Tricks 2009

form :: digital frame, paper bag, sound by Brian Hannon
content :: This piece is self mocking in its title. As a media artist I am involved in technological wizardry. I think the key to new media is to add the human element through content. The video inside the bag is highly personal, but its true nature is covered by electronic manipulation of image. The whimsy and simplicity of it, is offset by its unique format.