Originally from Switzerland, Goldfish Crackers were introduced to the United States in 1962 by Pepperidge Farm founder Margaret Rudkin. Though plain is called 'Original', the actual original first flavor produced was Cheddar which is the highest selling flavor of goldfish in the US. Goldfish are snack crackers manufactured by Pepperidge Farm, a division of the Campbell Soup Company. The crackers come in several flavors, and since 1997, the crackers have small imprints of an eye and a smile. The brand's advertising emphasizes this by referring to the crackers with the most recent registered trademark "The Snack That Smiles Back! Goldfish!" and the mascot, named Finn, who wears sunglasses (above his eyes).
Ritz Crackers are a brand of snack cracker introduced by Nabisco in 1934.They are circular in shape, salted lightly on one side, and have a small scalloped edge. A single serving (approximately 5 crackers) contains 79 calories, 1 gram of protein and 4 grams of fat, or 70 calories and 2.5 grams of fat for the Whole Wheat variety.
Graham Cracker The graham cracker was invented in 1829 in Bound Brook, New Jersey, by Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham. The original graham cracker was made with graham flour, a combination of finely-ground unbleached-wheat flour with the wheat bran and germ coarsely-ground and added back in providing nutrition and flavor. While graham crackers started out as a mild food, unsweetened or mildly sweetened, they are more commonly known as a sugar and/or honey sweetened baked good that approaches a cookie (or the British English term biscuit).
Various versions of unleavened dry crackers known as hardtack have been around for thousands of years. The generally thick hardtack cracker was extremely long lasting but not very tasty.In 1876, F.L. Sommer & Company of St. Joseph, Missouri started using baking soda to leaven its wafer thin cracker. Initially called the Premium Soda Cracker and later "Saltines" because of the baking salt component, the invention quickly became popular and Sommer's business quadrupled within four years.

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